Who Am I?

2 Samuel 7:18 Then went king David in, and sat before the LORD, and he said, Who am I, O Lord GOD? and what is my house, that thou hast brought me hitherto?

Recently I read this story: “One day the president of a successful real estate company stood before his sales staff of about one hundred. After presenting several new properties, he stated, “My success story has been written up in a national business magazine. If you would like a copy, just see my secretary.” A lightning bolt of dismay and tension struck the staff. Angry looks were exchanged, and murmuring began: “Who does he think he is?! We are the ones that made this company successful! It is our success story, not his.” That very afternoon, several of his top salesmen quit and formed their own company. Soon there was not enough money to close contracts, so the president used money from other escrow accounts, which is a federal offense. Within six months, the once-successful company was dissolved, and the president began serving a prison sentence, all because of the lack of one character quality—humility.”

There are not many things more distasteful than pride. There are not many things as refreshing as a humble spirit. Here, David had just become established in his kingdom. His enemies had been subdued. He had taken strong holds that men thought he could not take. Wherever he turned, and whatever he did, he found success. Yet David’s statement at a pinnacle of success was, “who am I?”

I want to be used by the Lord. But I must be usable. I want to experience His grace. But I cannot resist His grace. A common character trait of men who God used greatly was their “who am I” spirit. Moses said “who am I”. Paul said “I am the least”. And here, David said, “who am I?”.

God is looking for people to use today. But God resists the proud. Let’s remember who we are, that it is God’s grace that has brought us where we are, and let’s humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God. For it’s then, that he can use and exalt us for His greater purposes in our lives. Today, let us remember this spirit: “who am I?”

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