The proud… afar off.

pridePsalm 138:6 Though the LORD be high, yet hath he respect unto the lowly: but the proud he knoweth afar off.

I like hard preaching. I like people who know what they believe, and what they stand for. I like to preach hard, and be one who knows what I stand for. But I must be careful in my quest to stand for right and preach it hard. For if I’m not careful, I may allow pride to creep in and show itself forth in my life.

In the verse above, the Lord reminds us of his disdain for pride. God hates pride. He lists it with abominations that he can’t stand. Yet pride is probably the sin we most easily allow inside. And when we do, He stays at a distance from us. Oh we might “learn” from the Word of God – but we’re far off. We might preach, but we’re afar off. We might stand for right, but we’re afar off. We might go soul winning, but we’re afar off. We might stand for right, but be afar off.

Humility is a big deal to the Lord. I want God to have respect unto me, and be close to me. But we see in Psalm 138:6, this comes with lowliness (a mark of humility). Might we seek to humble ourselves today so that the Lord doesn’t have to. Might we shun pride so we can have that close relationship that He desires to have with us. When we do, then we can preach with His power, stand for right with His favor, and preach His truth in His likeness, pleasing Him.

One thought on “The proud… afar off.

  1. Great post! Sadly, more often than not, especially if we aren’t careful, that pride does creep in. As someone once said, “Pride is the last stronghold of Satan over the life of a committed Christian.”


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