Behave thyself in the house of God

1 Timothy 3:14-15 “These things write I unto thee, hoping to come unto thee shortly: [15] But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.”

The pastoral and church epistles are great reminders that there is a standard of conduct when it comes to the house of God. We understand that in a soul winning church, there will be new people who need “nursing, cherishing, gentleness” (1 Thess). But there must come a time – especially for the church leadership and those with influence, when we behave ourselves as the Lord would have us to in His house.

We would do well to study God’s Word, and ask if we measure up to His standard of “behavior” at church. Below are a couple questions from this morning’s reading:

  1. Am I blameless?
  2. Am I “grave” – do I possess a seriousness about the things of God and work of God?
  3. Am I greedy for money? Or are my affections set on things above?
  4. Am I ruling well my own self and my own house? How do my children behave? How is my wife’s example to others in the church, in spirituality? In modesty? In godliness?
  5. Am I spiritually mature? Or am I still a novice?
  6. Am I a “striker” – do I run to a fight, or seek to diffuse it? The Bible says “no striker, not slanderers, not a brawler, etc”
  7. Am I vigilant? The enemy is real. We MUST be vigilant to what devices he might bring into my life, my family, or our church.
  8. Do I have a pure conscience, or are there things that I do that violate it?
  9. Am I bold with my faith, both in the church and out of it?

There is a code of conduct in God’s house. How are we measuring up? Might we seek to live out God’s code in His house – especially those of us who are examples to the believers!

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