My Life and The Gospel


A preacher once told me this: “Many preachers’ soul winning illustrations are a decade old. When they preach on winning souls, why is it that they use the same illustrations? Maybe, because they aren’t winning souls as they once did“. I cannot speak for other veteran Christians, I can speak for myself. I fear that we can get caught up in our ministries, programs, and fellowships that we forget about the main thing – sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

paul-in-chainsPaul lived his life to further the Gospel. It didn’t matter how much Paul knew, or how influential he was, he never stopped living to share the Gospel. It didn’t matter what came upon him – life, death, imprisonment, peril, scourging, or mocking, under one condition: the Gospel was furthered because of it. In this chapter, he’s not only sharing his own desire for the Gospel’s furtherance, but he’s calling those saints in Philippi to do the same – to use their lives as springboards for the Gospel to go forth.

Might we not get so caught up in “life” that we neglect to live to share our faith. It’s so easy to do. But the Gospel is the reason we’re left here. Are there tracts in our pockets this morning? Is there a desire and willingness to approach that person and warn him of hell, and tell him of the gift of salvation? Might we reevaluate our lives in light of this thought – “am I living my life for the furtherance of the Gospel”?

Philippians 1 – Paul, the Philippians, and the Gospel

Verse 5 – I thank God for your fellowship in the Gospel

Verse 7 – You are with me in the defense and confirmation of the Gospel.

Verse 12 – The things that happen are for the furtherance of the Gospel.

Verse 17 – I am set for the defense of the Gospel

Verse 27 – Let your conversation be as it becometh the Gospel

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