Stewardship – Pennies

Good thought stewardship I came across this morning:

penniesWhen it comes to buying, I continue to be challenged by an elderly widow on Social Security who sent a dollar a month to this ministry. One day she wrote: “I am sure it costs you more to acknowledge my gift than the gift I am sending; I wish I could give more, so I won’t trouble you with any further gifts.” I wrote back and explained that her monthly dollar was actually producing tens of thousands of dollars, because each time I was able to save even five dollars on a purchase I would think, “That is five months of giving from that Godly widow.” Wise stewardship is not just a way of thinking, but a way of life.

Many years ago, a wealthy businessman told our staff that he and his wife took walkie-talkies to two different supermarkets and compared the prices of food. If the price was 10 cents per can in one store and 8 cents per can in the other, they would buy the 8-cent can. Our staff roared with laughter. After we finished, he said with convicting seriousness, “Your laugh tells me why I am a millionaire and you are not!” Wealthy people do not think in terms of dollars and cents, but rather in percents. A 2-cent savings on a 10-cent purchase is a 20% discount. Think of the savings if you were able to obtain a 20% reduction on a lifetime of spending! Let’s have a millionaire mind-set the next time we make a purchase!

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