Snacks, and… the Holy Spirit?


Romans 8:14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

This verse that reminded me of an instance that happened a couple days ago. I was walking briskly (as I generally do) through Walmart (where all good Baptists shop :). As I passed the snack section, I noticed two rows of “star crunch” snacks. This wouldn’t seem significant to most people, but my sister (who has been serving as a missionary in Asia for the last two years) really likes these snacks. And the last time we were going to pay her a visit, we looked at three Walmarts, at Albertsons, and small stores trying to find them, but to no avail. However, this time, I saw two full rows of them, in two sizes (jumbo and regular).

As I passed the snacks, it seems a still small voice said “get those for Sue”. In my logic, it didn’t make too much sense, because I’m not going to see her again in Asia for another 4 months. But I bought them anyway. Fastforward to the next day, and I received a call from my friend – a faithful man in our church (John Castle). He had cancelled a job laying tile, and found out that tickets to Cambodia were less than $800. He had two weeks off, and he wanted to go to Cambodia that day! We talked, and I encouraged him to commit by purchasing the tickets. Then, later on that evening, two hours before check in time, John called me and said, “I have one carry-on that’s empty. Do you have anything you’d like me to take to Cambodia for you?” Oh – I did. And he did take them overseas for me.

It may not seem like much, but it seemed to be a big deal to Sue. She posted it online. She sent a nice text (or two or three) thanking me. She was grateful that someone had thought of her, and had sent something she liked her way. Yes, I was thinking of her while in that isle in the States as she slept in Asia. But I believe it was the Holy Spirit that really prompted me to do what I did.


I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit’s leading in the life of a Christian. Unfortunately, I think many times I’m guilty of quenching the Spirit. This little, seemingly insignificant illustration is a great reminder for us to seek to be sensitive to His leading. Maybe it’s a tract we ought to hand out. Maybe it’s someone we’re prompted to witness to. It can be as small as a note to someone who comes to mind. Perhaps it’s a need we can help someone with. Or maybe something as simple as a text or email to let someone know we’re thinking of or praying for them. Let’s be sensitive and obedient to the Spirit’s “still small voice”. We don’t know the difference it might make!

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