He is Better

Jesus-is-better-header-copy.jpgHebrews 7:7 And without all contradiction the less is blessed of the better.

This morning I am reminded of a great truth: Jesus Christ is so much better. Over and over in Hebrews we are reminded of this. He’s better than the Levitical priesthood. He’s better than the law. He’s better than Moses. He’s better than the angels. He’s higher than the heavens. He brought a “better hope”. He brought a better resurrection. He brought “so great salvation”. He’s so much better.

This morning I am reminded to pursue Jesus Christ, for He is better. He is better than my ambitions. He’s better than my dreams. He’s better than anything else this life has to offer. Might my relationship with Him and His purpose for His life be what I live for, for it is better. Might we choose that which is better.

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