Judge not… but judge…

avel-406614John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

These men had grown so blind in judging that they literally cast judgment at the Son of God. They were convinced that He had a devil, and made that judgment call. They were convinced that He was blaspheming, and cast that judgment. They were convinced that He had broken that Law, and let everyone know. And to give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe it looked like He had done these things, on the surface. But that is why Jesus makes the second statement that He made: “but judge righteous judgment”. If they had judged righteously, they wouldn’t have condemned Jesus Christ as they did.

If we’re going to judge righteously, there are three things we must have in order. First, we must know the Scriptures. These men who judged Jesus did not “know” (intimately, spiritually) the Scriptures, or the spirit of the Scriptures. If we don’t know the Word and Christ’s spirit in the word, we will not be able to judge righteous judgment. Secondly, if we’re to judge, we must first judge ourselves. We must make sure that we are right, and that there is no sin in our lives, or harbored in our hearts, because as Jesus said, we will not “see clearly” to make a judgment call if we don’t do this first. And finally, we must not judge according to appearance, but according to the inward man, the heart, and again, according to the spirit of the God’s Word. It’s once we have these things in order, that we will be able to “judge righteous judgment”.

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