Faithful in unrighteous mammon

eternity-jpg__700x460_q95-1Luke 16:11 If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?

When someone preaches on standards, we are quick to say “amen” (and so we should). When someone preaches on soul winning and discipleship, we say “preach it brother”. Yet I fear that when the preacher preaches on covetousness, or wise stewardship of our finances, we hear crickets. So much of Jesus’ teaching had to do with money, and our attitude toward it and handling of it. God has given us – and especially us in America, so much to steward. And the question is, what are we doing with it for eternity? In previous verses, Jesus says to make friends with unrighteous mammon (money) for the sake of eternity. He also says that it is through faithfulness in our money dealings here that God will be able to entrust us with true riches.

So – before we make that next purchase, or swipe the card, let’s think. When a missionary with a need comes our way, let’s think. When we have an opportunity to give to something bigger and of more eternal value than ourselves and our desires here, let’s think. How are we stewarding our money? Are we making friends with it for the sake of eternity, or for the sake of our social status, comfort, or convenience? My prayer is that I’d be wise, frugal, giving, and faithful with that the Lord has entrusted into my care – for my good and His glory.

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