She glorified God. 

Luke 13:13 And he laid his hands on her: and immediately she was made straight, and glorified God.
A short thought for the morning: here we see a woman who, as it seems, through the influence of Satan, suffered a horrible infirmity. The Bible says she was bowed together. Most likely, she could not lift up her head. She was hunched over. Her body was convulsed, and she had not the strength to stand up straight if she wanted to. This happened 18 years ago from that point. 18 years! However, something wonderful happened. Jesus showed up on the scene. And when Jesus shows up, good things happen. With one phrase, Jesus told her that her infirmity had been removed. She stood up right then and there. There are so many things that scripture could have said after that point, but there’s one phrase it sticks out. She glorified God. Jesus has done so much in and for us. And yet, the reason for Jesus working in our lives, and, really, for all he does, is that God might be glory. This morning, might we remember that our primary purpose is to bring glory to God through our lives. Weather through the healing of and infirmity, the cleansing of a sin, a provision, an answer to prayer, or his daily working in our lives as a result of salvation, I will remember, today, that my purpose in life is to bring him glory here and abroad.

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