Can two walk together…


Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

We’ve heard plenty of sermons preached about this verse. Normally, we apply it to principles on separation, or fellowship with the world. That is one application, but in context, the primary application has to do with our fellowship and “walk” with God.

If we’re going to “walk together” with Him, we must be willing to reconcile our faults. We must be willing to walk the path He walks if we’re to be agreed. God, as He has since the Garden, desires fellowship with man. But we must be agreed on His terms of fellowship, and His terms of our walk.  Might we align our wants, desires, worship, and walk with Him, all while being willing to take a different path or reconcile things that needs reconciled. In prayer might we ask, “Lord, is there any area where we ‘disagree'” and be willing to change, that we might walk together in agreement with the King of kings.

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