Is God enough?

1455061_10151968801494280_1986483280_nEzekiel 44:28 “And it shall be unto them for an inheritance: I am their inheritance: and ye shall give them no possession in Israel. I am their possession.?”

I enjoy reading about the sons of Zadok, the priest. Talk about a faithful family! In the midst of corruption and compromise, this family stood and ministered unto the Lord, despite what society, religious leaders, or political leaders did. In this passage the Lord is recognizes them. He then goes on to give them some guidelines – some do’s and dont’s. One of the things that the Lord reminds them is that the Levites weren’t to take possession in the land. Others could have houses, and land, and make a name for themselves in that manner. But the Lord wanted the priests and their sons to have another type of inheritance. And in this passage, the Lord reminds them that their greatest inheritance in life was the Lord Himself. He said “I am their inheritance” “I’m enough in their lives”.

After reading this passage, the question comes to my mind, “Is God enough for me?” What if serving in ministry meant not owning a house? What if giving how the Lord wants me to give means foregoing some of life’s pleasures and leisures? Would the privilege of serving Him full time, and His Word being more real, and His presence more intimate, be enough for me? Thank the Lord for His Word, and for examples and chapters that teach us that He is enough, and He is worth giving up this world’s “inheritance”, that we might find One far better.

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