They said what?

walking-on-water Mark 8:4 And his disciples answered him, From whence can a man satisfy these men with bread here in the wilderness?

I really shouldn’t, but sometimes, I can get critical as I read accounts of the disciples’ dialogue with Christ. When the words, “His disciples answered” pop up in my Bible reading, I almost wonder, “what ignorant answer are we going to read this time.” And quite frankly, if He wasn’t omniscient, I’d wonder if Jesus thought the same thing!

Jesus had recently fed 5,000 with a few loaves and some fish. Further, He’d just healed countless amounts of people, who, all they had to do was touch His garment, and they were healed. And yet – Jesus asks His disciples a simple question, “how will we feed these people – they’ve been with us three days, and have no food”. “And his disciples answered”, and basically said, “there’s no way we can get that much food to feed these people.” But in their possession they had seven loaves of bread, and some fish. This is MORE than what they had on the last occasion, where Jesus had fed 5,000 people. And they were right – humanly speaking, it was impossible. But they had Jesus, and all things were possible.

But before I get to critical or judgmental with the disciples, let me examine myself, for this is why we have these accounts recorded and given to us in Scripture. How many times, knowing that I have access to the throne room of heaven, and the Holy Spirit’s power, and to Jesus Christ Himself, do I answer, question, work, or try to figure it out without realizing or seeking His power? How many times do we expect to do ministry or life in the arm of the flesh, without Him? How many times, though we’ve seen Him work, and seen Him move, and see Him do great things, when a situation arises that doesn’t seem to make sense, do we question Him, as if it’s an impossible situation? My prayer this morning is this: Lord, increase my faith. And Lord, teach me to pray, as I ought. God’s hand isn’t shortened, and He desires to work. But as we see all through the Gospels, Christ works, many times, according to our faith and our seeking Him. Might we be people of faith. For without faith, it is impossible to please Him – but He rewards those who believe that He is, and that diligently seek Him.

2 thoughts on “They said what?

  1. Good stuff! Nothing like reading about the disciples. Always a great reminder that we are made of the same stuff, struggle with same unbelieving hearts, and commit the same foolish mistakes that they did! 😎


    • Yes sir. I have changed my Bible reading from quantity two, Lord willing, quality. Reading a little less with a little more study. Convicting and challenging.


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